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Date Written: 12/17/08 Last Updated: 1/1/20


X–23 is a marvel character that was first created by by Craig Kyle and introduced in the tv show X–Men: Evolutions #41: X23 and #46: Target: X.  She can also be seen very briefly in the last episode of the series (52) in an album snapshot at the very end ref.  Afterwards she was incorporated into the marvel universe.  Her first appearance in the comics was in the NYX series with issue 3 on 12/10/03 as a prostitute.  


From Birth in the Institute to Escape

Her life began in the weapon X program as a partial clone of wolverine as told in X–23: Innocence.  At age 13 she escapes the institute.  She is 14 when she goes to live with her cousin Megan.  At age 15 she is captured and interrogated by captain America just after her first meeting and attack on Wolverine as told in Target: X.  


She is 15 when she becomes a prostitute and works for a pimp named Zebra Daddy to whom she is also an emotional slave.  There are other underaged prostitutes that she sort of works with.  Laura's clientele include the weirdos who are into violence either to the clientèle or her.  Inner turmoil while working for Zebra Daddy causes her to start cutting herself like she started to do while at the institute.  NYX

X – Men

Her plan to join the X–Men involves working in a night club where she is protecting someone.  Laura (X–23) attacks wolverine on sight and tries to escape or fight the rest of the X–Men.  It is here that the X–Men meet Laura for the first time as seen in Uncanny X–Men #450–451.  When the X–Men see her situation and that she is a clone of Wolverine they consider inviting her to the institute as a student little knowing that it was Wolverine and Laura who set up the encounter between X–23 and the X–men in the first place.  

At age 15 she is enrolled at the Xavier institute in X–Men #165 with Kitty Pryde and Rachel Summers as roommates, because they could not be hurt by Laura.  In X–23's mind this does not work out, although the others do not see it that way, so she leaves.  

In New X–Men: 20 Wolverine demands that she try again to fit in at the Xavier Institute as she did not try the first time.

X – Force

As the New X–Men (2004 – 2008) draws to a close she joins the X–Force along with Archangel, Elixir, Domino, Wolverine, Warpath, and Wolfsbane as seen in Uncanny X–Men: 493.  She currently is a member of X–Force (2008 – 2010).  She is 15 when she joins X–Force and presumably when she joined New X–Men as well.

X – Men: Pixie Strikes Back: #1 A demon disguised as a high schooler states that she is 17.  Despite this being a fantasy world it is likely that this is her current age.  It is stated that this story takes place before Second Coming, which means this takes place between 25 and 26 of X–Force.  At the end of X–Force: 28 Wolverine reformed X–Force, but without X–23.

X – 23

In the X–23 oneshot X–23 is on a routine mission when she runs into her homeless friends whom she left behind about a year ago.  This leads into the new ongoing series for X–23.  

With no new missions Laura sets out on a journey to reclaim the humanity that has been denied to her since birth.  She wants to prove to herself that she has a soul.

NOTE: The other members of New X–Men reformed into Young X–Men: 2008.

NOTE: The period of her life when she was a prostitute as well as her age at that time is hard to pin down, but enough clues are there.  She became a prostitute after her life with her cousin.  After her escape from the facility she takes a long time looking for her cousin and investigating them and she is still wearing the same outfit as from her escape from the institute.  In X – 23 (Oneshot) Bobby Soul mentions that it has been over a year since they had seen her and they also make reference to how she was a prostitute the last time they saw her which puts the time that she was a prostitute squarely after her time with Megan.

NOTE: X–23 is Marvel's first ongoing series with a female protagonist.

Personality and Relationships

Unlike Wolverine, Laura has strong control over her emotions to the point where it is difficult to detect any at all.  She is very introverted and hates herself and could easily be classified as depressed.  Her sense of self comes from the duties that others have for her to do; namely assassination missions as that is what she is most familiar with.  All of this has led her to seek out abusive relationships, such as her pimp Zebra Daddy and her work with the secret ops X–Force.  Due to a lack of almost all affection while growing up her emotional development is very stunted and she often does not know how to react to others.  She also speaks perfect english and her understanding of slang is virtually nonexistent.

Wolverine refers to Laura as his sister New X – Men: 21.  Laura is fiercely protective of Wolverine.  Laura has a romantic interest in Julian Keller.  She has a cousin Megan and aunt that she is attached to, but afraid to visit for fear they will be killed because of her.  Her friends are few and include, but is limited to, the time manipulator Kiden Nixon from NYX, Mercury, and possibly Elixir.

Skills, Abilities, and Weaknesses

She has a healing factor like Wolverine's, but heals somewhat faster due to the lack of adamantium in her body compared to Wolverine.  She has two adamantium claws in each hand and one in each foot for a total of 6 claws altogether.  She has some degree of telepathic defenses as mentioned in New X – Men: 21. She speaks several languages and is highly proficient in nearly every form of martial art and weaponry.  She is also a very skilled tactician.  Her greatest weakness is that of the trigger scent which instantly causes her to go into a blind rage where she fights any and all around her till the smell is removed.

Bibliography and dates of appearance

NYX: 1 – 7 2003 – 2005
Uncanny X–Men #450–451, 455–460, 493494, 510 2004
X–23: Innocence: 1 – 6 2005
Captain Universe: 3 2005
X23: Target: X: 1 – 6 2006 – 2007
Incredible Hercules: 125
New X – Men: 20 – 46 2005 – 2008
X–Force 2008 – 2010
X–Factor: 25–26
X–Men (vol. 2) 165, 190, 202, 205–206
Marvel Team–Up #5–6, #25
X–Men: Messiah Complex
X–Men: Endangered Species
X – Men: Pixie Strikes Back: 1 – 4 February 10, 2010
X – Force: Sex and Violence: 1 – 3 July, 2010
X – 23 oneshot March 17, 2010
X – 23: 2010 2010 – 2012
Avengers Academy: 23 2010 – 2012

Memorable events

NYX #7 Laura kills her pimp Zebra Daddy in order to protect her new friends.
New X–Men #20 Laura calls Wolverine and Wolverine makes her keep her promise to go to the Xavier institute.
New X–Men #21 Laura is introduced to the New X–Men.
New X–Men #33 Laura is found watching Julian.  Laura has coffee with Mercury and Laura's handler, Kimura, shows up.
New X–Men #42 last 2 pages when Laura sees a friend kiss Julian Keller.  
New X–Men #43 Laura goes wild in the women's bathroom, destroys it then cuts herself a lot to ease the pain.

Alternate Versions

X–Men: Age of Apocalypse: 2005

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