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Opera Stable links
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Date Written: 8/17/13 Last Updated: 7/24/19

Getting Started  An easy to use educational tool that teaches some of the tricks that Opera can do.


Opera Features

Synchronize Opera

NOTE: Outdated If you had a My Opera account or used the old Opera Link service, you may use your previous account credentials to sign in to the browser. This creates a duplicate account on our new syncing service, leaving all your previous data untouched. You can access your old Opera Link data through our web interface. ref

Keyboard Shortcuts

Create Extensions Tutorial

Opera Changelogs When working with beta versions and looking at newer versions it is fun and useful to look at the change logs to see what changes have been made from one release of Opera to the next.  The earliest changelog is for Version 42.


Recent Opera History A more abridged version of the changelogs listing only the significant changes from version 15 onwards.

Archived Opera History A brief history of the versions prior to 15 (versions 1 - 12).

Download Presto Versions of Opera Versions 2.00 to 12.14.

Download Recent Versions of Opera Versions 11.00 to 12.17.

Download Chromium versions of Opera from 15 onwards. Alt

Latest Opera build Beta test version of Opera.

Opera bug report wizard

Opera forums  Good for discussing anything about Opera like customizing or power options.

Chrome Cache View  Opera uses the Chromium engine, which is why this works.  When you first run it hit F9 and click the button to switch from viewing the Chrome browser's cache to the Opera browser's cache.  The benefits of this is that you can sort and save selected images and files into your image folder.  You can save cached pages for working offline.  This can be handy when the internet connection is very slow and you just want to review some information that was already accessed online.

I recommend highlighting the images and then copying them into a folder so that you can view them in windows photo viewer where you can cycle through all of the images quickly in an album format.  Before doing that you may want to remove all of the images that are below a certain dimension such as 50x50 or lower.  I prefer to remove all of the images that are below 400x400.  The vast majority of your images will be quite small; icons and such.

Opera Stock Quote

Software recommended by Opera

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