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Thursday 12:49am

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I just started using the new Logitech wireless keyboard that I got today.  To make for a more pleasant gaming/desktop experience I have made my next step to involve clutter management.  I've eliminated nearly all clutter from my desktop except for accessories and one small pewter dragon.  Actually, I do have some hex keys that I don't really use that I could put away.

The keyboard is somewhat smaller and has one less wire to worry about getting tangles with the other wires from my other computer accessories.  If I needed to, I could eliminate the cord to my mouse pad that I don't really use or get a wireless mouse.  Just getting rid of the cord from my keyboard is a noticeable improvement.

The keyboard itself uses AAA batteries, but claims a battery life of 2 years with regular active usage in a standard office work environment.  I use the same keyboard at work , so I can agree that the batteries do last years.  I kinda wish there were a battery light on the keyboard, but I didn't think to look for a keyboard that had one at the time.  Not a big deal.


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