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Saturday 9:51pm

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Audio Book  Resistance Is Futile!: How the Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind by Ann Coulter

Summary: In a rather sarcastic manner, Ann Coulter details how the media left and left wing politicians have completely given up on logic in its continual, fever pitch, frenzied effort to demonize President Donald Trump.  She shows in great detail how the left doesn't care what they said yesterday as long as it is against Trump today.

She makes a few points about the left:

  1. They have lost its collective mind in its all consuming hatred of Trump.
  2. They believe the rules do not apply to them and will do or say anything to get rid of Trump.
  3. They want to find any wrong the right does so as to demonize them, but when they do it it is ok, because the same rules do not apply.
  4. Trump fuels their hatred far more than any other president.
  5. They hate Trump because he is not their idol, Obama, and he didn't lose the election like he deserved.
  6. They hate Trump's vulgarity.

The solution, she says, is to take down the media and rebuild it from the ground up.

She covers the double standard the left has for themselves and another for the right from Nixon through the recent phone call with Ukraine.

Conclusion: I purchased this with the desire to try understand the current war between Trump and the left.  It helps somewhat.  I find it most useful in its documentation of the lefts efforts to destroy Trump.  I would have liked a little less sarcasm, but it was fine.  Overall, I enjoyed the book and listened to the whole thing in a day.

Purchased: 4/21/20
Finished: 3/21/20
Score: 8/10


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