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Monday 1:08pm

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Audio Book  Resistance (at All Costs): How Trump Haters Are Breaking America by Kimberley Strassel

Summary: Kimberly Strassel is an editor for the Wall Street Journal.  She explains how, The Resistance, a group that formed in 2016 with the soul purpose to depose and oppose president Trump, was formed, who it is, and how it is eroding our government and freedoms.

She covers the following about The Resistance:

  1. The Resistance sees Trump only with a lens of black and white.  The Resistance are made up of all walks of life and political affiliations.
  2. Trump is nothing like the dictator he is made out to be and is in fact the far opposite.
  3. FBI Director's James Comey's deceptions and why he was hated by the left, the right, and the FBI.
  4. The FBI and Deep State set up the president with a fake conspiracy that Trump conspired with Russia to fix the election.  This chapter is well documented.  The entire investigation deserves its own book as well as the subsequent Ukraine controversy.
  5. An unheard of number of judges overruled Trump's decisions using and accepting frivolous reasons.
  6. She covers the unheard of, coordinated, and extreme measures taken to stop Kavanaugh and Gorsuch from being nominated to the Supreme Court.
  7. The Press is using their platform to get together to sabotage the President rather than report the truth.

Interestingly, she says that the mainstream media is liberal and always will be.  She says the solution is to abolish the FISA court and enforce checks and balances on DOJ investigations.  The judges need to be reigned in for their lawless behavior by the Supreme Court.  Politicians need to be voted out of office.  In addition citizens need to speak up and contact their representatives directly to let them know that their behavior is not appreciated.

Conclusion: This book is useful in its documentation of some of the highest profile cases during the Trump presidency during his first term.  It also demonstrates the ways that this "Resistance" is actively causing changes to how government works making the U.S. government vulnerable to sabotage in big ways in the near future.

Purchased: 3/31/20
Finished: 4/04/20
Score: 8/10


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