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site version 7.3

Saturday 9:22pm

Date Posted:

site version 3.47.31

The news section has been updated.  The tables were consolidated, "edit" and "add entry?" buttons were added to the news entries for the marriage, energy, and misc categories.  The misc section was added to the database.  A few files were consolidated and others were deleted and a table was dropped.  Options have been added to the config page for choosing how many news results to display for the marriage, energy, and misc sections.  All in all this should make the updating of the news section easier and faster.

Very soon the Database Headquarters is about to be redesigned.  A great many of the links will be removed as they are no longer needed and are located in more convenient areas.  For example it is no longer needed to go to the Database Headquarters in order to add a memo blog.  All I have to do is go to the main page to edit or add a file.  This will soon be true for most, if not all, of the other files as well.

The removed links will be replaced with more useful ones like the config page.


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