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site version 7.3

Tuesday 1:40pm

Date Posted:

site version 4.2.1

Editor has been updated to 0.5.  The list files program has been completely integrated with the editor program.  The two files really complement each other well.  A default directory was added.  Bugs that remain include:  Not all files listed are editable even though they should be.  Directories are not selectable either.  

This is also a significant improvement over the previous version as well.

Update: Editor version 0.6

files are now listed alphabetically.

That actually helped out a lot too.  Next up should be to make the directories selectable.

Update: Editor version 0.7

I think I have all of the bugs worked out for this version.  It was a bugger.  Directory links now work.

Found another bug  I can't seem to catch a break with this program.


I think that the program has all of the kinks worked out finally, so I can finally say that I am going to stop work on this program and move on to something else.  All of these improvements to the editor program were certainly well worth it and I am quite satisfied with how it runs now.  I may even start using it more than my ftp add on.  

I just thought of another bug .  It is pretty minor, but I should get it fixed at some point.  For now I am done.  I need a break from this project for a while at least.  After I get the bug fixed I'll see about posting the script for it in the webdesign articles.

Update: Editer version 0.8 and 1.0

Nothing, but bug fixes.  Selecting a directory manually will no longer result in "bad file" errors.  Folders that are protected will now say so in the error message.  I suppose that's it as far as bug fixes go .  It was just harder to fix than I thought it would be.  After much effort I am now also unable to find any more bugs!  Yay!!  Since I can't find any more bugs and it is a very usable program I shall dub this version 1.0.


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