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site version 7.3

Thursday 8:14pm

Date Posted:

site version 4.11.2

I added textarea background color to the config page.  Kinda pointless in retrospect, but now the background color of textarea can now be changed via the config page if ever I desire to do so.

I take it back.  I am rather enjoying altering the textarea background color.

Update: Also added config options for the code background color and border style.  I edited the site version in this memo to reflect that as well.

I should probably add more config options for code scripts, but another time.  I think I should get to work on updating the screenshots for the anime reviews.  I still need to add border color and text color config options for the code scripts.

As a side note, some of the questions I ask for whether a program I created works is:  How often do I use it?  What could be better about the program?  What is annoying about the program?  How thoroughly has it been scanned for bugs?  Is it secure?  How much do I, or will I, need it?  (For example: will I be able to use it on another computer if the one at home breaks down?)

All things considered, I am rather pleased with the Editor program.  Fireftp is still better since it can do all kinds of things that my program can't like rename files, create files, delete files, upload files, etc, etc, but Editor can navigate easier and update files faster than Fireftp.  

At the moment I find that I am using Editor about as much as Fireftp.


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