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site version 7.3

Friday 11:09pm

Date Posted:

site version 4.27.13

HTML tags now includes smiles.  It still just needs a tiny tweak yet.  I must give credit to dynamicdrive forums for this update, because javascript is not something I am very good at.

As far as site updates go the search feature still needs to have the check boxes upgraded to dynamic.  After that it'll be time to post another list of improvements that need to be made to the site in the never ending quest to finish this site.

Update: 1/9/10 The HTML Tags script was updated again with a more current version.  Currently the only real difference is that whitespace is not trimmed when using the script in Opera.  I am now working with the people at www.dynamicdrive.com/forums to see if I can decorate the text of the buttons.

Update: 1/10/10 The HTML Tags script now has styled buttons.  It was a simple CSS issue.


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