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site version 7.3

Sunday 10:27pm

Date Posted:

site version 4.42.35

fixed 2 time bugs.  The first involved dates of articles being submitted in 12 hour format as opposed to the 24 hour format.  This went undetected because only the date is displayed.

The second is not really my fault.  The Wordpress program somehow alters the time for the rest of the page.  I created a workaround so that the time elapsed since an article was updated is the same no matter what page it is viewed on.

I plan on doing some more work on the new script yet.

EDIT: the "most recently updated articles" section is not perfect, but good enough for now.

EDIT: I tweaked it just a little more.  I have always found it mildly annoying when a website says that something was posted 1 seconds ago as opposed to one second ago, so if something is posted 1 anything ago the term becomes singular as opposed to plural.


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