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site version 7.3

Saturday 1:19am

Date Posted:

site version 5.15.9

Tags in articles and News items are now hyperlinked.

This will allow for easier navigation for related articles or news items.  Tags for news items will relate to other news items and Tags for articles will relate to other articles.

At this point it may even be a good idea to combine the news items and articles into one table.  I also need to be able to list all of the tags being used and be able to rename tags.  Tags should always be lowercase.  

I am very much liking this new site update.

UPDATE: Categories are now converted to lowercase.  News items can be browsed again from older to newer when viewing them in the archives.

Using the Older and Newer links is not available when viewing news items that are sorted by category.  I'll try to fix this later.  It is not important.


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