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site version 7.3

Monday 10:53pm

Date Posted:

Site version 5.25.22

bugfix: changes made while a template is loaded will affect that template as opposed to just the root template.
Templates can now be deleted.

Other changes include updates to the layout to make more sense and look nicer.  If the template being deleted is also being used the root template will be displayed and the name of the template being used will be renamed to "".  When a template is loaded the root template values will be replaced with the loaded template.

If you load a template, make changes to the template and then select "Save Changes" or install the template the changes will be applied to the loaded template as well as the root template and install the template.  I think that is logical, so I will leave that as is.

The template program is done for now.  It operates the way I want it to now.

Now to patch up the editor program.


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