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site version 7.3

Monday 11:44am

Date Posted:

site version 5.28.44

fixed a tiny bug where a template color was not being recognized.

Update: sorry about the colors being a bit wonky on the site.  It looks like the bug was a bit more extensive than I thought.  It should be mostly fine now.  Basically, I would set a color as black or tan or whatever and the web page would retrieve it from the database and set it as black tan or whatever.  The problem arises when I want to create a new color and create a name for it or when a color I select is not recognized by all browsers.  I fixed this problem by creating an array that will convert the named color to its hexadecimal equivalent, which is recognized by all browsers.  

I am not sure if I have made this update site wide yet though.  I'll try and do a little more looking.  I am pretty sure I can think of a place where this has not yet been implemented.


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