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site version 7.3

Thursday 11:49pm

Date Posted:

site version 6

The user control panel is finished.  I consolidated the 2 login pages I was using into one for simplicity (although it does not feel simpler.  Meh, it does add a bit more functionality and is simpler when I think about it).  I added a simple email aspect for those who forget their password.  I felt this was vital to the user control panel feature.  The control panel may be bare bones, but that is all that is needed for a new feature and refinements can go on forever.

This is version 6 and with this version there will no longer be version numbers, but build numbers as this is a bit more professional.  Progressing from 6.0 to 6.1 or 6.5 or 7 will happen less often and after several bugfixes and/or added features.  I still plan on posting site changes here in the memo blog.  Build numbers will begin with 0 with this version being 0.

Now that version 6.0 is up I feel it is important to make articles more of a priority; possibly blogging more too.


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