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Muscle Layers of the back and misc links
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Date Written: 7/20/10 Last Updated: 5/30/19

Areas that I am weak

foot bones
Thoracic cage anatomy
Skull Bones
Knee Tendons

The Pulmonary Vein carries oxygenated blood.

Muscle Layers of the back
Superficial to Deep ref

  1. Trapezius & Latissimus Dorsi.
  2. Levator Scapula, Rhomboid Major, Rhomboid Minor.
  3. Serratus posterior superior & Serratus Posterior Inferior.
  4. Splenius Capitis & Cervicis
  5. Erector Spinae group (also known as the Sacrospinalis muscle).  From lateral to medial:
    • 3 Iliocostalis (Lumborum, Thoracis, Cervicis)
    • 3 Longissimus (Thoracis, Cervicis, Capitis)
    • 3 Spinalis (Thoracis, Cervicis, Capitis)
  6. Transversospinalis is the deepest layer.  From superficial to deepest: ref
    • 3 Semispinalis (Thoracis, Cervicis, Capitis)
    • 3 Multifidis (Lumborum, Thoracis, Cervicis)
    • 3 Rotatores (Lumborum, Thoracis, Cervicis)


  1. Iliocostalis Thoracis muscles attach from the inferior 6 ribs to the superior 6 ribs.
  2. Interspinalis, not listed above, is largely absent from the thoracic region.
  3. Layers 4 – 6 are innervated by Dorsal Primary Rami.

Flash cards
Clivus –– anterior portion of the foramen magnum.
Medical Dictionary

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