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Saturday 5:04pm

Date Posted:

It looks like the cause of my broken website was a broken Opera extension.  It is unclear which extension it was, but all is well again.

I updated Computer Accessories with a new USB Wireless Adaptor that is much faster than the previous one and am thinking of adding a review for it.  I added my personal preference for mouse DPI sensitivity.  It may be a good idea to add a review for a mouse as well.  Lastly, I ordered a new keyboard which is simpler and wireless.  I thought about getting a new wireless mouse, but let's see how the keyboard works out first.

Another handy accessory for my accessories is velcro.  Sometimes there are accessories that you do not want to slide around like a speaker or the USB Hub.  Nearly all of my computer accessories are quite inexpensive and great quality of life additions to your desktop experience.


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