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Windows Media Player 12 tricks
written by: admin

Date Written: 7/28/14 Last Updated: 5/19/20

  1. Full Size Album Art To display the album art in WMP 12 in the original size instead of the microscopic size do the following:

    1) Go to the registry path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Preferences
    2) then find the key with name PlayerModeAlbumArtSelected and set its "Value Data" as "0" (without quotes, Decimal).  You may need to create the DWORD 32 bit value.
    3) then find the key with name ShowAlbumArt and set its "Value Data" as "1" (without quotes) ref

  2. TagScanner Not a modification to wmp 12, but it does allow you to easily add lyrics to mp3 files.

    Alternatively, there is an add on for WMP 12 called Windows Media Player Plus that will bring back the ability to edit your mp3 tags.  

  3. Obtaining the toolbar that you remember from wmp 11 link.  Unfortunately you need to turn it on and off manually each time.  To turn it on (after the toolbar has been installed) first minimize the player and then right click on the toolbar and select "Window Media Player" in the list of toolbars to turn on.

  4. Shuffle will always play the same song first and then every song played after that will be randomized after that first song.  A quick fix is to make the first song 1 second of silence long and name it 0 or 1.  I also changed the album artist to 0_ampty. ref  you can download it here:

  5. To keep the player from always being on top go to "now playing" and right click on the window and uncheck "Always show Now Playing on top"

  6. start the player in the Now Playing pane change the target in the shortcut to:

    "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" /Task NowPlaying ref

  7. What is Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service and how do I turn it off?  It is a service that allows you to share and index music files across different user accounts or to other devices like a laptop or playstation or xbox.  It may use a lot of resources so to turn it off go to services.msc then scroll down to Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service making sure that windows files are not hidden and right click the program and either stop it and set it to be manually turned on or disable it.  I have it disabled. read more

  8. Where are the menus in the Now Playing pane?  Great question!  Windows Media Player is designed to be more visually compact, which is not very useful to power users like myself.  The best workaround is to use the Alt button when in the Now Playing pane.  It will bring up most of the options you need and remember.  For more take a look at and familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts documented here.

  9. How and where can I see how many files are in my library?  Click on one of the audio files and then ctrl+a.  The number as well as the duration will be displayed at the bottom right of your player for about 5 seconds.

  10. Is there a shortcut to view the Now Playing list in the Now Playing pane? Sort of.  Use Shift+F10 then L.  Sometimes certain songs can cause the list to disappear again.  After using Shift+F10 then L you can hit Alt and then under view select choose columns and then uncheck hide columns automatically.  This may help, a little.

  11. How can I get my old Windows Media Player 11 icon back? To do this you will need to create a create a shortcut then in "properties" there is a button to change the icon.  You will need to use one that is in the icon format.  You can find a great many at the Icon Archive.

  12. Can I downgrade to Windows Media Player 11 on Windows 7? I have not tried it, but you can try visiting this link. Alt

  13. How to start the player maximized. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties --> Shortcut --> Run --> in the dropdown menu select Maximized.

Full Screen Lyrics

lyrics plugin It downloads lyrics from the internet and displays them full screen.  It will not work without an internet connection.  The lyrics are not stored in your media files.

Another option is via registry edits.  First make sure you close the player if it is open otherwise the changes won't take effect.  To increase the size of the lyrics box go to start, in the run command type regedit and hit enter, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Player\Tasks\NowPlaying and change the value of Captions Height from 100 (decimal) up to 500.  Any higher than this and the captions box will revert back to the default value of 100 in decimal, which is approximately 6 lines of text.  500 is about half of the full screen windows media player window depending on your monitor's resolution settings and gives you 31 lines of immediately readable text.

In my monitor it looks like this:

Genius.com a great source for lyrics.

Note: Occasionally some of the regedit settings revert to the default settings.  I have not figured out why or how.  The list pane disappears when certain songs play after the player is first opened, however, after bringing the list pane back (Shift+F10 then L) the list does not disappear.

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