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New and Recently Updated

PCRE –– tutorial part 2

Largely rewritten.  Last update was 8 years ago.

Typos fixed, links updated or removed.  Much of it reworded for readability.  Incorrect explanations corrected.  etc.

Added preg_replace_callback() function.

update 9/26/19: reworded and greatly simplified the first section: subpatterns.

update 10/04/19: Updated the example for preg_replace_callback() as it was incomplete.  

Opera Stable: Tips

Added the tip to use Inspect Element to view all images on a page.  

Windows 7 Tricks

Added Tips for:

  • Changing the size of Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons.
  • Change the desktop background color.
  • Explanation of where clipboard went.
  • Corrected tip on taking picture of one screen only.
  • View all Windows 7 configurable options at once.
  • Disable desktop background images.
  • How to add the Show Desktop shortcut

Opera Stable: extensions


Huge layout change to improve readability.  Extensions were reordered by type.  A few descriptions were reworded for succinctness.  Dead extensions were put into their own category away from the rest.

All around the page has a much more polished look.  

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10/17/19 12:48pm Thursday
The article PHP –– Image Processing –– part 4: Working With Text is proving to be a bit more complicated and time consuming than I had originally thought.  I try to work on the article when I have free moments which is why I do not have it out yet.

I am learning more about the GD library of functions and what it can do.

While the article is somewhat useful, from what I have learned so far, I will want to rewrite the entire article; title and all.  Another challenging part of this article is to keep it easier to understand as the sample scripts I write become more complex.

The primary script I am working on will take a bit of text and, using a custom font, turn that text into an image with a transparent background.  The script will determine the image width and height based on the font used and the font size and possibly the font angle as well.  

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10/10/19 4:48pm Thursday
I'm working on updating PHP –– Image Processing –– part 4: Working With Text.  My goal is to have this finished in a week at the latest.  After looking at it more closely, this will be another article that will need a complete rewrite much like PCRE –– tutorial part 2.  

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9/27/19 3:03pm Friday
Just a quick note about the right column.  I have a good idea of what I want to do for it.  It will be a mini-review section of sorts and will incorporate the code structure that I use for the memo blog.  Coding-wise it will take a bit to put together or rather I need to set aside some time to do it.  

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memo blog