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New and Recently Updated

PHP –– Image Processing –– part 5: ImageMagick

Added a small snippet of code to connect two images.  

PCRE –– tutorial part 2

Largely rewritten.  Last update was 8 years ago.

Typos fixed, links updated or removed.  Much of it reworded for readability.  Incorrect explanations corrected.  etc.

Added preg_replace_callback() function.

update 9/26/19: reworded and greatly simplified the first section: subpatterns.

update 10/04/19: Updated the example for preg_replace_callback() as it was incomplete.  

Opera Stable: Tips

Added the tip to use Inspect Element to view all images on a page.  

Windows 7 Tricks

Added Tips for:

  • Changing the size of Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons.
  • Change the desktop background color.
  • Explanation of where clipboard went.
  • Corrected tip on taking picture of one screen only.
  • View all Windows 7 configurable options at once.
  • Disable desktop background images.
  • How to add the Show Desktop shortcut

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memo blog


11/11/19 6:30pm Monday
One of the cool things about having a personal website like mine is that I can update it whenever I feel the desire/urge to do so.  In other words, it is not a chore, but fun.  I would feel a bit lost without it after pretty much any length of time.

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11/3/19 3:21pm Sunday
I'm slowly narrowing down where the bug is in my file editor program.  It does not appear to be related to fopen like I thought or get magic quotes.

I'll try testing chmod and $_POST next.

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11/3/19 1:31am Sunday
Just created a cool little script that allows images to be concatenated/connected:

system("convert images/catdog.jpg images/azumangadaioh4.jpg +append montage_cat2.jpg");


This is all part of my effort to revise the image manipulation articles.

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memo blog

(This is a subtitle)

10/31/19 12:22am Sunday

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