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site version 7.3
New and Recently Updated

Movies and tv shows about time repeating

Added four more entries.  Happy Death Day 2U, Dark, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Episode 5.18: Cause and Effect, Episode 2.13: Time Squared.

Update 12/10/18: Added 11.22.63, Looper, Predestination, and Premature.  This makes 30 entries so far.  

tv and movies hard for me to remember

Added 4 more just after The Departed: My Science Project, It Happened One Christmas, Jekyll and Hyde Together Again, and White Dwarf.

Sadly, I doubt there will be many new entries for a long time.  The remaining entries are really hard to remember.  Next up is to curate what is already listed.

Update 10/22/18: added 3 more links: The Questor Tapes, Sword and the Sorcerer, and last, but certainly not least, Earth Star Voyager.

Update 10/26/18: added entries for the above as well as The Sword of the Valiant.  This makes 87 completed entries so far.  

Movies and tv shows about time repeating

No new entries.  I added images for all of the entries that did not have them.  Four altogether.

Update 11/22/18: Added Christmas Every Day (1996)  

tv and movies hard for me to remember

Added 15 new entries to the end of the page just after The Wizard.  Also added an image for The Pool Guy and Tomes and Talismans.


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memo blog


1/8/19 9:52pm Tuesday
Updated the website so that comments can be added to articles.  

TAGS: site update

12/20/18 10:39pm Thursday
New link: Audible subscription plans  

TAGS: none

8/5/18 10:50pm Sunday
Fixed the bug in the memo blog where tags that had more than one word were not being created correctly.  Apparently after updating the website to the latest version of php the nbsp (non-breaking whitespace) was not being converted back to regular spaces.

I am out of practice regarding coding.  

TAGS: website

memo blog

July 26, 2015

version 7.3 build 0

Filed under:website — vanderjagt.dc @ 10:42 PM

  1. The site is now mobile friendly.
  2. Added some css to the admin page for managing tags and linked the “number of times used” numbers to the tag itself.
  3. search feature updated to 5.8 to display two alternate dashes and the possessive single quote correctly in the search results.
  4. Removed the ID# that was listed before each news post result.

Making the site mobile friendly is actually a large change which prompted the move to 7.3. I still have some refinements I want to make to the layout, but these should mostly be quite minor in comparison. Upcoming changes include making the admin pages mobile friendly, refining the layout for a few content edit pages, continue to make the site more mobile friendly and to load faster.