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site version 7.3
New and Recently Updated

Wisconsin Right to Work law upheld

News post significantly updated and revised to differentiate between Act 10 and Act 1.  Reformatted for readability.  Added links and several more significant dates.  

Notable Opera Features and when they arrived

Recently updated to add the significant changes that arrived for Opera 38 and 39.  It looks like 40 will be out soon as well.

It should be noted that Opera features history and Changelogs have not been updated since version 37 so for the time being it will be a little more important to keep up with Notable Opera Features and when they arrived.  

Hot cases to watch part 3

A few recent updates:

  • 03/02/16: Arlene's Flowers Washington State Supreme Court agrees to hear case.
  • 04/25/16: Phillip's Masterpiece Cakeshop Colorado Supreme Court declines to hear appeal of ruling against Jack Phillips.
  • 04/25/16: Sweet Cakes by Melissa First Liberty files a brief with the Oregon Court of Appeals stating that the ruling against them violates the Oregon and U.S. constitutions.

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9/23/17 7:42pm Saturday
Character encoding issue fixed by adding the following code:

mysqli_query ($conn,"set character_set_results='utf8'");
mysqli_query ($conn,"set character_set_client='utf8'");
mysqli_query ($conn,"set collation_connection='utf8_general_ci'");


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9/23/17 1:58am Saturday
This may take a bit longer to figure out why special characters are not showing up correctly, but I do feel I am on the right track.  

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9/22/17 12:46pm Friday
Ok, I think I have narrowed down the issue regarding special characters showing up as diamonds with a question mark in the middle.  I will post more once I have it fixed.  

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memo blog

July 26, 2015

version 7.3 build 0

Filed under:website — vanderjagt.dc @ 10:42 PM

  1. The site is now mobile friendly.
  2. Added some css to the admin page for managing tags and linked the “number of times used” numbers to the tag itself.
  3. search feature updated to 5.8 to display two alternate dashes and the possessive single quote correctly in the search results.
  4. Removed the ID# that was listed before each news post result.

Making the site mobile friendly is actually a large change which prompted the move to 7.3. I still have some refinements I want to make to the layout, but these should mostly be quite minor in comparison. Upcoming changes include making the admin pages mobile friendly, refining the layout for a few content edit pages, continue to make the site more mobile friendly and to load faster.