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tv and movies hard to remember
written by: admin

Date Written: 11/5/09 Last Updated: 3/2/17

These shows tickle my brain and are very hard to remember.  They are often in my brain for a second before I forget them and struggle to remember them for the off and on for the next 6 months.  Many are just bad, but there are a few gems.

The Champions 1968 - 1969 tv show where government agents crash land in the Himalayas and are granted super powers by an advanced civilization.

Originally, all I could remember was several people who were given superpowers by a monk in a mountain.  I spent a lot of effort trying to remember and find this one.

Student Bodies 1981 First horror spoof.

A very underrated movie.  I recently watched portions of this on youtube and found it hilarious.

Night Gallery: Pamelas voice, Lone survivor, the doll

This is very much subjective, but this episode of the night gallery with the doll was the scariest doll story I can remember and it scared me every time I watched it.  It has taken a long time to find this episode, because I had been looking for it under the Twilight Zone.

Amazing Stories: The Doll

Here is another doll episode.  This is more of a valentines day story about a dollmaker that creates a doll to help a man find his love.  link to dolls in television

Christmas Every Day 1987 animated christmas special.  You can see it on Youtube

It is the story of a girl who wishes that every day of the year was Christmas and the amusing consequences that follow.

Time Trax Another bad short lived environmentally based sci-fi tv series.

The Darkroom 1981 Horror tv series that only lasted a few episodes.  see also

Hans Christian Anderson A musical and imaginative retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's life.

passions I have not seen this.

My Science Project

Tales from the darkside

Tomes & Talismans Children's show from the 80's.  Apocalyptic show where kids hide out in an old library and learn how to use the dewidecimal system.  Silly premise that was oddly enjoyable.




Generation X A 1996 made for tv Marvel movie.  Surprisingly not listed as a Marvel movie. youtube

M.A.N.T.I.S. Terrible tv show

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Disturbing Behavior

The Twilight Zone: The Pool Guy

A man finds himself murdered everyday and can't understand why or know how to stop it.

Guns of Paradise A western drama I remember fondly.  Around 1990 there were a good number of quality western tv shows.

The Gathering Supernatural drama about an amnesiac girl.

Black Mask Jet Li superhero movie.

Population 436 Population of an idyllic town never changes.  Ever.

Shine Jewish piano player

Classic Nick Shows
Top 10 forgotten nick shows
Movies I have not remembered yet

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