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U.S. Mexico Border Wall Progress
written by: admin

Date Written: 1/25/20 Last Updated: 10/30/20

Weekly Updates ref

Completed in miles/ increase from previous updateUnder ConstructionPre-ConstructionSteel used in TonsConcrete used in Cubic YardsDate
400  / 29210128NANA10/29/20
371  / 1121015755679710/19/20
360  / 1022115753977410/12/20
350  / 1023115752475210/05/20
340  / 92401575097329/28/20
331  / 102501574947109/21/20
321  / 42601574786899/14/20
317  / 102641574716799/7/20
307  / 322741574566588/31/20
275  / 103061574045878/10/20
265  / 93161573885658/3/20
256  / 113251573745457/27/20
245  / 103321613575227/20/20
235  / 63421613415007/13/20
229  / 73261833314857/6/20
222  / 63331833214726/29/20
216  / 63391833114586/22/20
210  / 163062223004446/15/20
194  /  72512862754085/24/20
187  /  61843602643935/18/20
181  /  61903602563825/11/20
175  /  51963602453605/4/20
170  /  82013602363354/27/20
162  /  41883812123224/20/20
158  /  71924032093174/13/20
151  /  41994032033084/6/20
147  /  52034031983013/30/20
142  /  31974141902913/23/20
139  /  42004141862863/16/20
135  /  42044141802773/9/20
131  /  52084141742693/2/20
126  /  52134141672602/24/20
121  /  32184141602502/17/20
119  /  42202371572452/10/20
115  /  52242371502362/4/20
110  /  41922741432251/27/20
106  /  51283421362161/20/20
101  /  51333421282051/13/19
96  /  314027312127312/23/19
93  /  314327311618812/16/19
90  /  214627311118012/9/19
88  /  214827310817712/2/19
86  /  315027310417211/25/19
83  /  215327310116711/18/19
81  /  31552739616111/11/19
78  /  21582739215511/4/19
76  /  11572768815010/28/19
75  /  1158NANANA10/24/19
74  /  11592768614710/21/19
73  /  21602768414310/15/19
71  /  NA1622767813810/7/19

Completed: Border wall is up and running.
Under Construction: Wall that is actively being built.
Pre-Construction: Land has been secured.  Just waiting on construction crews to start work.

Note: Updates are weekly and typically happen on the same day of the week in a given month.  For example, it may occur every Monday in February, but every Wednesday in March.  Updates are typically posted on twitter around 10 to 10:30 am Central time.  Not often, but there may be a few weeks where there are no updates.

Notable updates

10/07/19: First known weekly update.
02/17/20: Highest number of pre-construction border wall at 417 miles.
10/29/20: Lowest number of pre-construction border wall at 128 miles.
07/13/20: Highest number of miles of the border wall being actively built at 342.
07/27/20: Highest weekly increase in border wall completed at 11 miles.


  1. How long is the U.S. Mexico border? The U.S. border with Mexico border is 1,954 miles long.

  2. What type of wall is being built and how is this different from what we already have? The wall that is being built is of a bollard type that is 18 to 30 feet tall depending on the need.

    The bollard style wall is made up of vertical steel beams that are filled with steel and hardened concrete that allows border patrol agents to be able to see the adversary to the south.  Below ground the wall is embedded 6 feet into the ground and is 3 to 4 feet thick.  The top of the wall has what appears to be a 5-6 foot tall anti-climb steel plate to make it more difficult to climb over.  Where needed there is a secondary border wall.

    The design for this border wall has been carefully designed by many anti-climb experts and U.S. border patrol agents as to what would be most effective at stopping illegal border crossings and it was determined that a bollard style fence would be more expensive, but much more effective than a solid concrete wall that was originally envisioned by President Trump. youtube

    The new border wall being built is far more effective than anything that was there before which in many if not most places could easily be stepped over or picked up and moved to be driven through.

  3. What is the wall replacing? The wall is replacing very old and easily bypassed walls that can be walked around, through, stepped over, or picked up and moved. ref, video, image, video2

  4. How effective is the wall? The new border wall greatly decreases the time it takes to climb over or cut through compared to the old wall, allowing Custom Border Patrol (CBP) agents to stop and quickly apprehend the illegal aliens. 10/25/19 video

  5. Aren't there countless ways to bypass the wall? Yes, but this in no way diminishes the importance of an effective border wall.

    An effective border is composed of:

    • CBP agents
    • a wall
    • effective and accessible means of legal entry
    • good relations with neighboring countries
    • ICE enforcement agents
    • effective deterrents to illegal entry
    • decreased incentives to enter illegally
    • incentives to enter legally
    • judges to  decide applications to legal entry

    In short, we need a holistic approach.

    Democrats oppose all of these things.

  6. Why do we need the wall? A wall has been proven to dramatically decrease, discourage, and stop the trafficking of drugs and humans into our country.  Doing this will also cut crime in our country as well as in other countries that profit from the the very violent drug trade.

  7. How long will the border wall be? Still trying to get information on this.  There are many portions of the border where the terrain is more effective than the 30 foot border wall.  My educated guess at the number of miles needed is 1,000.

  8. What are the challenges to completing the wall? Presently, activist judges.

  9. What about reports that the new border wall is easily bypassed with a ladder, digging underneath, cutting through? In short, it isn't.
    The wall is embedded 6 feet deep underground.  The beams are made of steel, ribar, and advanced concrete that when combined is difficult to cut through.  At 30 feet tall, it takes time and bravery to climb over; time which gives CBP time to intercept the illegal immigrant. youtube

    Even if the wall is bypassed using any of these methods, none of these things negate the orders of magnitude of heightened difficulty that the bollard wall presents to illegal aliens.

  10. How much of the wall is being paid for by Mexico? Mexico is paying for the wall in several ways.  Mexico militia has significantly reduced the illegal immigrants, often via caravans, into their country from their southern border, Guatemala.  With a border wall, the cost to our country in crime, violence, sex trade, and drug trafficking and abuse is significantly diminished.  More directly, Trump says Mexico will be paying for the wall through tolls and other means. ref

  11. I hear a lot about the southern border.  What about the Canadian border? In fiscal year 2020, the number of apprehensions at the Southwest border was 400,651.  ref.  At the Northern border it was 2,155. ref  I was not able to get concrete numbers on the Texas border.

  12. Where is the worst areas for illegal border crossings? The vast majority of illegal crossings is from Rio Grande Valley in Texas. ref.

  13. What is the Southwest border? The Southwest border is the entire U.S./Mexico border.  California, Arizona, and New Mexico make up about 692 of the 1,954 miles of the Southern Border. ref1, ref2 Note: CBP Mark Morgan refers to Rio Grande Valley as part of the southwestern border. ref

  14. If the majority of illegal immigration is from legal immigrants overstaying their visas, why is there so much focus on the southern border? Border crossers bring the highest numbers of drug trade, sex trade, and human trafficking; among other illicit activity.

  15. Is it a wall or a fence? It is a wall.  please see this 10/26/20 video describing the difference between what some are calling a wall and others a fence and why CBP calls the Bollard system a wall.

  16. Does the Trump Border Wall work? CBP agents feel strongly that this design for the wall which was specifically requested by CBP to be as effective as possible.  10/26/20 video

  17. How long does this new wall last? Conservative estimates say 25 to 30 years.  It is also easy to defend; especially against bullets. 10/26/20 Video



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