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Opera Stable: extensions
written by: admin

Date Written: 8/28/15 Last Updated: 3/31/19


  1. Images On/Off Adds a button to your extensions bar to toggle images on or off.
  2. rss feeds you will also need this.  For feeds Opera uses Opera Mail, which is separate from the browser, but I find I am needing something more integrated with the browser so that I can get alerts while I am browsing and not while I am not browsing the internet.
  3. gmail notifier There are many to choose from, but I prefer this one.
  4. Opera Internal Pages gives you quick access to all of Opera's internal pages.
  5. Imagus Alternative to image preview and much better. tutorial
  6. AdBlock Excellent and easy to use ad blocker.
  7. Google Keep A notepad for Opera that is synced to your Google account.  I'm a little skeptical, but only a little.  It looks secure enough.
  8. Notepad can only use one note, but there are no security issues and it is easy to use.
  9. Edit the page It allows you to delete sections of any web page.  Not quite as good as the pac–man from the 12.xx and older versions of opera, but it comes close.
  10. Clearly Allows you to view an article and nothing else.  This is primarily what I use Edit the page for, so this is very handy for me.
  11. Classic Images Allows you to save images using shortcuts used in Opera 12.x.
  12. Download Chrome Extension Download and install extensions from Google Chrome Web Store onto Opera.
  13. Good Word Guide Double click on a word to see its definition.  Better than the Google version since it does not use spyware.  Needs Download Chrome Extension
  14. Slim Scroll Bar It is easy to go into the css and change the look of the scrollbar.
  15. Scroll Anywhere Allows you to grab the page and scroll like a smartphone or grab like a pdf.
  16. Homepage in New Tab can also be set to open in same tab.
  17. Gif Blocker Disables gifs.  Click on a gif to show the image.
  18. Scriptsafe Sort of an ad blocker, but it also allows you to mask Opera as another browser. Privacy settings User-Agent Spoof: Chrome, Firefox, etc. Note: may break many websites.
  19. User-Agent Switcher Mask browser as another browser or OS.  Kinda sad that we need this still in 2018.
  20. FVD Video Downloader Download Youtube videos etc.  It seems to be the only one that can download youtube videos.


Description: Sidebar opens up a vertical space on the left side of your browser for added functionality.  Functionality is added via sidebar extensions.  Here are a few that I recommend:

sidebar extensions

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