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Episodes that break the mold
written by: admin

Date Written: 1/21/24 Last Updated: 1/21/24

Some series are fun to watch and are very formulaic, but every once in a while there is an episode that comes way out of left field to throw the audience for a loop.  As they come to me I will try to list them here.

Quantum Leap 3.5 The Boogeyman

Sam tries to solve a murder where nothing makes sense only to come to the realization that the killer is the hologram who is actually the devil.

Doctor Who: Midnight

The Doctor comes face to face with a being that begins to take him over.  The Doctor is always calm, but to my knowledge this is the second time that the Doctor was seriously traumatized.

Star Trek The Next Generation:

It is subtle, but Data who has no emotions is faced with a logical and moral conundrum and decides to kill.  When confronted about it lies.

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