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Monday 8:30pm

Date Posted:

Sorry about the lack of warning.  I have been busy this afternoon updating the mysql functions on my site with the non–deprecated counterparts.  Sadly, the ability to update to the current version came out in 2004 and I began coding in 2005  .  Ah, well.  

Here is a bit more info on why it became deprecated.

Anyway, a lot of this site is still still not working.  I'm working to get the site back up and fully running again one piece at a time.  The first segment I got working was the admin page, and then the main page, news, articles, search, and finally the ability to create memoblog posts.  Right now the only thing I can edit and add are memoblog posts.  It'll probably take another day or two to get to everything and there will probably be new discoveries of things I've missed in coming weeks.


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