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Tuesday 10:40pm

Date Posted:

Crazy thing, but I have recently taken up coding again.  Currently, I am in the middle of updating the news section to allow me to create hidden news posts.  This is currently only possible for articles.  Being able to hide news posts will allow me to hide rough drafts of news posts until they are ready to be published.

Currently, hidden articles are not visible when viewed in full and the categories are not visible in the categories list.  Next is to hide it from three more areas on the News page, the two archives pages, attempting to view the category directly, and the most recently updated articles.  That makes 7 or possibly 8 more bits of code to edit yet.  Currently, I have completed two successful code edits.

I also modified the admin comments for the news posts so that it is just under the post specific css.  This makes it more in line with the layout for the admin portion of the articles.


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