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Sunday 6:36pm

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There has been a seismic upheaval in the digital world with President Trump being banned from Twitter and then Amazon, Apple, and Google joining forces to take down competitor Parler just on the rumor that Trump might join it.

Apple removed the app on 1/8/21. ref

Amazon removed Parler hosting service as of 1/10/21. ref

All over the world countries are uneasy that they may be taken down or have their elections interfered with just on the decision that their political statement is deemed evil or wrong by the CEO of Google, Twitter and/or Amazon.  They fear they may even be deplatformed.

Parler appears to be joining the free speech hosting service Epik, but what if the new digital overlords and the Democratic party join forces to take down the alternative servers?  That is the plan and goal, but so far that has not happened, but things are moving lightning fast right now.

I have actually left even Fox News and browser based news as all they present is the liberal side of the story.  It is not like I have a crazy or minority view of the world.  My position is shared by the Republican and conservative party.  My position is shared by half the country!

The problem is that big tech owns all the newspapers, news, Hollywood, entertainment, comedians, congress, president, schools, colleges, and probably more that I am forgetting.


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