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Saturday 11:04pm

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Since Trump, the world has become a different place.  Many organizations have shown their true faces.  We can now see who the RINOs are and who the truly good people are.  We now see that the majority of Republicans are still true Republicans and seek to defend the weak and will stand up against evil.  We also see that nearly all of the Democrats in power are the same as they were when they fought to defend slavery.  The FBI is now the military wing of the Democratic party just as the KKK were after the civil war and even in the 20th century.  Organizations we used to trust such as the CDC, and WHO are liars out to protect the Democrats and punish Republicans.  The border patrol and the local police are still trustworthy.  All major news organizations as well as all major social media platforms are out to censor conservatives and lie to cover up the truth.

People are choosing sides and even moving to different states.  It is not all that clear what these new divisions will look like between conservatives and Democrats, but there is a storm brewing along with talk of a second civil war.  I'm not so sure that it will look like it did back then, but it looks like the division is growing.


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